Finish size: 10.25" X 13.25"
(allow up to 1/4" difference for trim variance)

All ad sizes are in Live area (within inner boxes) unless otherwise noted and reflects approx. 1/2" space between ads. For full bleed pages, an additional 1/4 non-essential information is required for trim. Allow 1/2 for gutter spreads. Perfect alignment gutter bleed cannot be guaranteed. Camera ready 85 lpi art or film (RRED)* for inside pages with a max. 70% shadow dot & min. 5% highlight dot. 4/c film must come with colorkey. Total density of ink must not exceed 240% UCR, GCR: 85%. Any submitted materials that are not correctly sized will be altered to fit.

*(Right Reading Negative, Emulsion Down)

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