The ActiveX Book List (cont.)
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Author Title Publisher Media Price
Markus Pope ActiveX Masters Handbook
(Available Feb 97)
?? 10 Minute Guide To ActiveX Control Pad Que
Jeffrey McManus How to Program Visual Basic 5.0 Control Creation Edition
(Available Feb 1997)
Ziff-Davis CD-ROM $40
Evangelos Petroutsos ActiveX Development with Visual Basic Ventana CD-ROM $50
Keith Brophy &
Tim Koets
Teach Yourself ActiveX Controls with Visual Basic in 21 Days
Keith Brophy Teach Yourself ActiveX Programming with C++
(Available Jan 1997) CD-ROM $40
Suleiman Lalani &
Ramesh Chandak
ActiveX Programmer's Library Jamsa Press CD-ROM $50
?? ActiveX & VBScript Sta CDPCW
(Available Sep 96) CD-ROM $40
Scott Jarol KickAss Web Development with Visual Basic 5
(Available Apr 1997)
Coriolis CD-ROM $50
?? Visual Basic X Programming
(Available Mar 1997)
Coriolis CD-ROM $50
Paul Lomax &
Laura Lemay
Laura Lemay's Web Workshop: ActiveX & VBScript
Tom Armstrong ActiveX Developer's Sourcebook
(Available Jan 1997)
Wayne S. Freeze Leveraging Visual Basic with ActiveX Controls Prima CD-ROM $45
Kurt D. Fenstermacher ActiveX For Dummies IDG Books CD-ROM $30
Shannon Turlington Exploring ActiveX Ventana CD-ROM $25
Markus Pope Programming Internet Controls
(Available Oct 1996)
Nate Zelnick ActiveX Web Developer's Companion
(Available Jun 1997)
Osborne CD-ROM $40
Ted Coombs Interent Programming with Visual Basic and ActiveX
(Available Dec 1996)
Bud Aaron ActiveX: Develop and Integrate Plug-N-Play Controls into Your Internet and Intranet Applications Prima CD-ROM $40
John Mueller ActiveX From The Ground Up Osborne
Tom Armstrong ActiveX Developer's Sourcebook
(Available Jan 1997)
McGraw-Hill CD-ROM $50
Wayne Freeze Building VBX Applications With ActiveX Controls
(Available Oct 1996)
Prima CD-ROM $45
Tom Armstrong Designing and Using ActiveX Controls
(Available Nov 1996)
M&T Books
CD-ROM $40
?? Understanding ActiveX and OLE
(Available Sep 1996)
Microsoft Press
Alex Aron &
Bud Aaron
Inside ActiveX
(Available Oct 1996)
New Riders CD-ROM $49
Steve Waterhouse ActiveX ISAPI Scripting
(Available Nov 1996)
New Riders CD-ROM $40
David Chappell Understanding OLE And ActiveX; A Guide For Managers And Developers
(Available Sep 1996)
Microsoft Press
Al Williams Developing ActiveX Web Controls
(Available Aug 1996)
Coriolis CD-ROM $40
Eric Tall &
Mark Ginsburg
Late Night ActiveX Ziff-Davis CD-ROM $50
Kaufman &
Teach Yourself ActiveX Programming in 21 Days CD-ROM $50
Jay Kotter &
Warren Ernst
Presenting ActiveX CD-ROM $35
John Mueller Web Programming with ActiveX
(Available Aug 1996) CD-ROM $40
Weiying Chen et al. ActiveX Programming Unleashed CD-ROM $50
Brian Farrar Special Edition Using ActiveX
(Available CD-ROM)
Que CD-ROM $40
Adam Denning ActiveX Control Inside Out Microsoft Press CD-ROM $40
Adam Blum ActiveX Web Programming: ISAPI, Controls, and Active Scripts
(Available Nov 1996)
Ted Coombs et al. The ActiveX Sourcebook Wiley
Arthur Griffith Building Internet Applications with Microsoft Sweeper
(Available Aug 1996)
Evangelos Petroutsos Interactive Web Publishing with Microsoft Tools Ventana CD-ROM $50

Published books can be purchased through the WWWiz Bookstore.

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