The Asian Languages Book List (cont.)
Author Title Language Publisher Media Price
?? Linux Internet Server Chinese Gotop Information Inc.
480 NT$
?? Internet Assistant & Internet Explorer Chinese Gotop Information Inc.
400 NT$
?? HTML Home Page Chinese Gotop Information Inc.
360 NT$
?? ActiveX Japanese Prentice Hall
2524 ¥
?? JavaScript Japanese Prentice Hall
3786 ¥
?? Word+Assistant for the Web Japanese Softbank Publishing CD-ROM 3300 ¥
?? HTML Japanese Softbank Publishing
2500 ¥
?? HTML on the Web for Macintosh Japanese Softbank Publishing
2900 ¥
?? HTML on the Web for Windows Japanese Softbank Publishing
2900 ¥
Jason Coombs &
Ted Coombs
Setting Up an Internet Site for Dummies Japanese Softbank Publishing
1800 ¥
?? Internet Language JavaScript Japanese Gijutsu Hyoron Co., Ltd.
1680 ¥
?? VRML 2.0 Japanese Gijutsu Hyoron Co., Ltd.
2300 ¥
?? Shockwave for Director5 Japanese Mizuki CD-ROM 2000 ¥
Laura Lemay Laura Lemay's Web Workshop JavaScript (translated by Wang Chung Phu et al.) Chinese Unalis Corporation CD-ROM 400 NT$
Fu Yao Lin JavaScript for Navigator Scripting Chinese Unalis Corporation
45 NT$
?? Windows NT 4.0 Web Server Chinese Hudson Technology
650 NT$
?? Intranet Chinese Hudson Technology
380 NT$
?? World Wide Web Form; CGI Chinese Hudson Technology
250 NT$
Seokjoo Kim Temptation to JavaScript Korean Kanam Press Disk 13,000 won
?? CGI Chinese Acer TWP Corp. CD-ROM 450 NT$
?? HTML and CGI Chinese Acer TWP Corp. CD-ROM 390 NT$
Mark Reynolds &
Andrew Wooldridge
Special Edition Using JavaScript (translation by Yhou Chi Fhu) Chinese DR Master Consulting Co., Ltd CD-ROM 420 NT$
Wang Yee &
Lhu Yee Hung
Developing JavaScript Program HandBook Chinese Unalis Corporation CD-ROM 430 NT$
Hiroyuki Musha HTML Japanese Prentice Hall
Chen Ching Chang In Deep With JavaScript Design Chinese Gotop Information Inc.
460 NT$
Yutaka Kobayashi PageMill of Passion Japanese Softbank Publishing
2220 ¥
William Hurley et al. The Official Internet World 60 Minute Guide to Shockwave Japanese Softbank Publishing CD-ROM 2500 ¥
?? VRML Japanese Prentice Hall
?? HTML Japanese Prentice Hall
Urban A. LeJeune Netscape 2 and HTML (Chinese translation) Chinese Flag Publishing CD-ROM ??
?? Home Page Chinese Flag Publishing
?? HTML Home Page Chinese Flag Publishing
Chen Jien Rhung et al. Java/JavaScript Programming Design Chinese Ru Lin Books Co.
300 NT$
Whang You Chung Search on CGI, Java, and JavaScript Chinese Acer TWP Corp. CD-ROM 350 NT$
Chuang Thung Shen &
Syu Sheng Shiung
Java (JavaScript) Chinese Computer and Information

380 NT$

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