The CGI and Perl Book List (cont.)
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Author Title Publisher Media Price
?? Cgi Programming For Dummies
(Available Jan 1997)
IDG Books
Jeffrey Friedl Mastering Regular Expressions: Powerful Techniques for Perl and Other Tools
(Available Jan 1997)
J.M. Ivler CGI Developer's Resource Prentice Hall CD-ROM $45
Carl Sampson &
Jim Vogel
Perl 5 Windows NT Programming
(Available Feb 97)
Macmillan Technical

Eric Herrmann Teach Yourself CGI Programming with Perl 5 in a Week, 2nd Ed. CD-ROM $40
Mark Felton CGI: Internet Programming C++ & C
(Available Mar 1997)
Prentice Hall
Ed Tittle et al. CGI Bible IDG Books
Craig Patchett &
Matt Wright
The CGI Cookbook: Perl and JavaScript
(Available Nov 1996)
Wiley CD-ROM $40
Bob Weil &
Chris Baron
Drag-n-Drop CGI: Enhance Your Web Site Without Programming Addison-Wesley CD-ROM $33
Stephen Lines How To Program CGI with Perl 5.0 Ziff-Davis CD-ROM $40
Bob Denny et al. Building Your Own Win-CGI Programs
(Available Apr 1997)
O'Reilly CD-ROM $30
Selena Sol &
Gunther Birznieks
Instant Web Scripts with CGI/Perl MIS:Press/
M&T Books
CD-ROM $40
Paul Hoffman Perl For Dummies IDG Books
Steven E. Brenner &
Edwin Aoki
CGI Web Scripting With Perl
(Publication Cancelled)
M&T Books
CD-ROM $40
?? Perl & CGI Programming Starter Kit
Mohammed J. Kabir CGI Primer Plus for Windows Waite CD-ROM $45
Ed Tittel et al. Foundations of WWW Programming with HTML and CGI, 2nd Ed.
(Available Oct 1996)
IDG Books CD-ROM ??
Jerry Muelver Creating Cool Web Pages With Perl IDG Books CD-ROM $30
John December &
Mark Ginsburg
HTML & CGI Unleashed, Professional Reference Edition CD-ROM $50
Eric Johnson Cross-Platform Perl
(See also the author's book site.)
(Available Sep 1996)
M&T Books
CD-ROM $35
Daniel Berlin et al. CGI Programming Unleashed
Clinton Wong Web Client Programming in Perl
(Available Aug 1996)
Robert Seymour Perl 5
(Available Oct 1996)
Mícheál ó Foghlú Perl 5 Quick Reference Que
Robert Niles &
Jeffry Dwight
CGI by Example Que CD-ROM $35
Jonathan Hagey PC Magazine Programming Perl 5.0 CGI Web Pages for Microsoft Windows NT Ziff-Davis CD-ROM $35
Bill Middleton et al. Web Programming with Perl CD-ROM $40
?? Perl 5 Developer's Guide
(Available Dec 1996)
Sams CD-ROM $60
David Medinets Perl 5 by Example Que CD-ROM $35
Stephen Asbury et al. CGI How-To Waite CD-ROM $40
Carl Franklin Visual Basic Internet Programming
(Available May 1996)
Wiley CD-ROM $40
InfoMagic Mother of Perl
(2 CD-ROM Set)
Larry Wall et al. Programming Perl, 2nd Ed. O'Reilly
Eugene Kim CGI Developer's Guide
(Available May 1996) CD-ROM $50
Robert McDaniel CGI Manual of Style
(Also avaialable online.)
?? Perl 5 for Dummies
(Available 1996)
IDG Books CD-ROM ??
Mark Ginsburg &
Developing Internet Applications with Perl
(Available Mar 1996)
Kamran Husain Perl 5 Unleashed Sams CD-ROM $50
Norton Teach Yourself Perl 5, 2nd Edition
(Available Jun 1996)
Sams CD-ROM ??
Michael Erwin et al. Special Edition Using CGI Que
Thomas Boutell CGI Programming in C and Perl Addison-Wesley CD-ROM $35
Johan Vromans Perl 5 Desktop Reference O'Reilly
Christian Neuss &
Johan Vromans
The Webmaster's Handbook: Perl Power for Your Web Server Int'l Thomson CD-ROM $30
William E. Weinman The CGI Book New Riders CD-ROM $45
Brian Jepson World Wide Web Database Programming for Windows NT Wiley CD-ROM $40
Steven E. Brenner &
Edwin Aoki
Introduction to CGI/ Perl MIS:Press/
M&T Books

Ed Tittel &
Sebastion Hassinger
Perl 5 Programming Secrets
(Available Mar 1996)
IDG Books CD-ROM $45
?? Special Edition Using Perl Que
Shishir Gundavaram CGI Programming on the World Wide Web: On-the-Spot Information O'Reilly CD-ROM $30
Robert Farrel The Official 60 Minute Guide to CGI Programming with Perl IDG Books
Ed Tittel &
Sebastion Hassinger
Web Programming Secrets with HTML, CGI & Perl IDG Books CD-ROM $45
John Deep &
Peter Holfelder
Developing CGI Applications with Perl Wiley
Jon Orwant Perl 5 Interactive Course Waite CD-ROM $50
Aidan Humphreys et al. Perl 5 How-To Waite CD-ROM $45
Eric Herrmann Teach Yourself CGI Programming with Perl in a Week CD-ROM $40
Walnut Creek Perl
(Collected resources, archives, tutorial, examples, source code, etc.)
Walnut Creek CD-ROM $40
Carl Dichter &
Mark Pease
Software Engineering with Perl
(This is an advanced text for software professionals; it is not a tutorial.)
Prentice Hall Disk $30
Ellie Quigley Perl by Example Prentice Hall
John December &
Mark Ginsburg
HTML & CGI Unleashed CD-ROM $50
David Till Teach Yourself Perl in 21 Days Sams
Larry Wall &
Randal L. Schwartz
Programming Perl O'Reilly
Randal L. Schwartz Learning Perl O'Reilly
Ed Tittel et al. Foundations of WWW Programming with HTML and CGI IDG Books CD-ROM $40

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