The Web Page Design Book List (cont.)
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Author Title Publisher Media Price
?? Professional Web Design Version 2
(Available Feb 1997)
New Riders CD-ROM $81
Susan Kitchens Real World Bryce 2 Peachpit Press CD-ROM $50
Greg Simsic Photoshop Type Magic 2 Hayden CD-ROM $40
Lamont Wood Web Graphics Visual Quick Reference Que
Lynda Weinman Designing Web Graphics.2
(See also the author's book site.)
New Riders CD-ROM $50
Eileen Mullin Web Design Resources Directory: Tools And Techniques For Creating Your Home Page
(Available Mar 1997)
Que CD-ROM $409
Michael O'Mara et al. Adobe Web Design And Publishing Unleashed CD-ROM $50
Mary Jo Fahey Web Publisher's Design Guide for Macintosh, 2nd Ed. Coriolis CD-ROM $40
Mary Jo Fahey &
Jeffrey W. Brown
Web Publisher's Design Guide for Windows, 2nd Ed.
(Available Mar 1997)
Coriolis CD-ROM $40
?? Web Design Electronic Resource Kit
(Available Nov 1996) CD-ROM $90
Daniel Gray The Comprehensive Guide to CorelWEB.Graphics Suite Ventana CD-ROM $50
Lillian Schwartz &
Laurens Schwartz
The Computer Artist's Handbook: An Introduction to Concepts, Techniques, and Applications W.W. Norton
?? Internet Graphics For Dummies IDG Books
Lynda Weinman Preparing Web Graphics New Riders
David D. Busch Creating Cool Photoshop 4 Web Graphics IDG Books
Dummies Corel Web Publishing & Design For Dummies
(Available Jan 1997)
IDG Books
Bridget Mintz Testa Graphical Treasures on the Internet AP PROFESSIONAL
Rimmer Internet Graphics Toolkit McGraw-Hill CD-ROM ??
Willem Velthoven &
Jorinde Seijdel
Multimedia Graphics: The Best of Multimedia Design Chronicle Books
Adele Droblas Greenberg &
Seth Greenberg
Fundamental Photoshop 4, 3rd Ed. Osborne CD-ROM $35
Olin Lathrop The Way Computer Graphics Work Wiley
Susan Weinschenk et al. GUI Design Essentials
(Available Feb 1997)
Wiley CD-ROM $45
Theo Mandel The Elements of User Interface Design
(Available Feb 1997)
Wilbert O. Galitz The Essential Guide to User Interface Design Wiley
Edward R. Tufte Envisioning Information Graphics Press
Edward R. Tufte Visual Display of Quantitative Information Graphics Press
Peter Kentie Web Graphics Tools & Techniques Peachpit Press
Robin Williams The Non-Designer's Design Book Peachpit Press
Molly E. Holzschlag Professional Web Design Prima CD-ROM $40
Lynda Weinman &
Bruce Heavin
Coloring Web Graphics
(See also the authors' Web site)
New Riders CD-ROM $50
David Miller Designing Web Multimedia New Riders CD-ROM $40
Scott Hamlin Interface Design with Photoshop New Riders CD-ROM $40
Gary David Bouton Inside Adobe Photoshop New Riders CD-ROM $45
George Maestri Digital Character Animation
(Available Nov 1996)
New Riders CD-ROM $50
?? Professional Web Design Kit
(Available Aug 1996)
New Riders CD-ROM $119
Ted Schulman et al. Photoshop Web Magic Hayden CD-ROM $45
Richard Koman GIF Animation Studio: Animating Your Web Site
(See also the author's book site.)
O'Reilly CD-ROM $40
Clement Mok Designing Business
(Visit Studio Archetype to see an interesting multimedia promotion of the book.)
Adobe Press CD-ROM $60
Andy Shafran &
Dick Oliver
Creating Your Own Web Graphics with Paint Shop Pro Que CD-ROM $35
Andreas Ramos Hands On Web Site Design Jain Publishing Company
Janet Ashford &
John Odam
Start with a Scan Peachpit Press
Hisaka Kojima Digital Image Creation Peachpit Press CD-ROM $50
Mary Jo Fahey et al. Web Publisher's 3D & Animation Design Guide for Macintosh
(Available Sep 1996)
Coriolis CD-ROM $40
Gong Szeto et al. Designing Interactive Web Sites Hayden CD-ROM $50
?? Designing Animation for the Web
(Available Sep 1996)
Hayden CD-ROM $40
Steven Mulder Web Designer's Guide to Style Sheets Hayden CD-ROM $35
Stella Gassaway et al. Designing Multimedia Web Sites Hayden CD-ROM $50
Crystal Waters Web Concept & Design New Riders
Nicola Brown et al. Designing Web Animation New Riders CD-ROM $40
Ed Tittel et al. Web Graphics Sourcebook Wiley CD-ROM $45
Lynda Weinman Deconstructing Web Graphics New Riders
Laura Lemay (Ed.) et al. Laura Lemay's Web Workshop: Graphics and Web Page Design
?? Textures and Lighting for Computer Graphics
(Available Apr 1996)
New Riders CD-ROM $50
John McCoy Mastering Web Site Design Sybex
Gary Priester Looking Good in Color Ventana
Mary Jo Fahey et al. Web Publisher's 3D & Animation Design Guide for Windows
(Available Oct 1996)
Coriolis CD-ROM $40
David Siegel Creating Killer Web Sites Hayden
Darci DiNucci et al. Elements of Web Design Peachpit Press
Laurie McCanna Creating Great Web Graphics MIS:Press/
M&T Books

Alan Cooper About Face: The Essentials of User Interface Design IDG Books
Roger C. Parker Design/Redesign
(Available Jun 1996)
Paul DeGroot &
Dick Oliver
Internet Graphics Gallery Que CD-ROM $40
Shlomi Harif Interactive Web Programming by Design: The Art of Building Interactive Web Sites (WebC Edition)
(Available Jul 1996)
IDG Books CD-ROM $40
Lynda Weinman Designing Web Graphics New Riders CD-ROM $50
Mary E.S. Morris &
Randy J. Hinrichs
Web Page Design: A Different Multimedia Prentice Hall
Prevost &
Web Design Style Guide Osborne
Demarest Elements of Hypertext Design
Eric Tilton et al. Web Weaving: Designing and Managing an Effective Web Site Addison-Wesley CD-ROM $25
Behram Antia Web Weavers: Creating Dynamic Web Sites
(Available Nov 1995)
New Riders CD-ROM ??
Jennifer Niederst Designing for the Web: Getting Started in a New Medium O'Reilly
Darrell Sano Designing Large-Scale Web Sites: A Visual Design Methodology Wiley
Alan Eyzaguirre Webcraft @design
Steven Wilson World Wide Web Design Guide Hayden
Rick Albertson et al. Designer's Guide to the Internet Hayden
Mary Jo Fahey &
Jeffrey W. Brown
Web Publisher's Design Guide for Windows Coriolis CD-ROM $35
William Horton et al. The Web Page Design Cookbook Wiley CD-ROM $35
Mary Jo Fahey Web Publisher's Design Guide for Macintosh Coriolis CD-ROM $35
Ray Kristof &
Amy Satran
Interactivity by Design Adobe Press
Michael Declan Dunn Secrets of Designing and Building Your Own World Wide Web Site Business Visions Video $200

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