The Plug-ins Book List (cont.)
(Published books can be purchased through the WWWiz Bookstore.)
Author Title Publisher Media Price
Ted Alspach Acrobat 3 For Macintosh And Windows: Visual Quickstart Guide
(Available Jan 1997)
Jeff Pulver Real-Time Web Broadcasting
(Available Dec 1996)
Que CD-ROM $40
Negus Netscape Plug-Ins For Dummies
(Available Nov 1996)
IDG Books
Jack Richter Official Netscape Live3D Book Netscape Press CD-ROM $40
Sherri Sheridan Teach Yourself Shockwave
(Available May 96)
Ben Thompson Internet Movies with Shockwave & Director
(Available Dec 1996)
Macromedia Backstage Studio Authorized
(Available Jan 1997)
R. Shamms Mortier Web Publishing with Macromedia Backstage
(Available Nov 1996)
Ventana CD-ROM $50
Vineel Shah Lingo and Shockwave Sourcebook Wiley CD-ROM $40
S. Jae yang &
Stephen Chan
How to Use Plug-Ins with Netscape Navigator Ziff-Davis
Chris Coppola &
Sane Edmonds
Director 5 Wizardry
(Available Sep 1996)
Coriolis CD-ROM $40
Phillip Robinson Netscape Plug-ins
(Available Nov 1996)
M&T Books
CD-ROM $25
Doug Young Netscape Developer's Guide to Plugins Prentice Hall CD-ROM $45
?? Programming Plug In Applications
(Available Oct 1996)
Ziff-Davis CD-ROM $50
Bob Schmitt Shockwave Studio: Designing Multimedia for the Web O'Reilly CD-ROM $40
Johnathan Angel Web Publisher's Construction Kit with Netscape Plug-Ins Waite CD-ROM $40
Abacus Development Group Netscape Plug-ins
(Available 1996)
Abacus Software CD-ROM $30
Harvey Web Multimedia For Dummies
(Available Sep 1996)
IDG Books
Harvey Shockwave For Director 5 For Dummies IDG Books
David Wall Netscape Plug-in Power IDG Books CD-ROM $35
Jessica Keyes The Ultimate Multimedia Handbook
(Available Sep 1996)
McGraw-Hill CD-ROM $70
Erica Sadun The Netscape Plug-in Field Guide
(Available Dec 1997)
Charles River CD-ROM $36
Yang &
Webmastering RealAudio Server 2
(Available Sep 1996)
Gordon Kent Internet Publishing with Adobe Acrobat Adobe Press
Noel Rabinowitz &
Sasha Magee
Shockwave Power Solutions New Riders CD-ROM $45
Perry Board et al. Creating Shockwave for Director Web Pages Que CD-ROM $35
Cathy Clarke et al. Shocking the Web, Macintosh Edition Peachpit Press CD-ROM $45
Lee Swearingen et al. Shocking the Web, Windows Edition Peachpit Press CD-ROM $45
Zan Oliphant Programming Netscape Plug-ins CD-ROM $40
Patrick Seaman &
Jim Cline
WebSite Sound New Riders CD-ROM $40
Laura Lemay Laura Lemay's Web Workshop on Shockwave & Multimedia
(Available 1996)
Shannon Turlington Official Netscape Plug-in Power Netscape Press
Andy Shafran Enhancing Netscape Web Pages
(Available May 1996)
Que CD-ROM ??
?? Jacked In Plug-ins for Netscape Navigator
(Available Jul 1996)
New Riders
Nels Johnson Web Developer's Guide to Multimedia & Video Coriolis CD-ROM $40
Ron Simpson &
Anthony Helmstetter
Web Developer's Guide to Sound & Music Coriolis CD-ROM $40
William Hurley et al. The Official Internet World 60 Minute Guide to Shockwave IDG Books CD-ROM $30
Mike Morgan Netscape Plug-Ins Developer's Kit Que
Mark R. Brown Webmaster's Guide to Plug-ins Que
Dick Oliver Web Page Wizardry CD-ROM $40
Gary David Bouton Multimedia Publishing for Netscape Netscape Press
Barbara Bouton Official Netscape Power User's Toolkit
(Available May 1996)
Netscape Press
Sasha Magee &
Noel Rabinowitz
Shockwave User's Guide New Riders CD-ROM $30
Darrel Plant Shockwave! Breath New Life Into Your Web Pages Ventana
Dawn Erdos Acrobat by Example
(Available Mar 1996)
M&T Books

Paul Kent Internet Publishing with Adobe Acrobat Hayden
Barrie Sosinsky &
Elizabeth Parker
Acrobat Quick Tour Ventana
Ames Beyond Paper: Adobe Acrobat
(Available Jun 1996)
Hayden CD-ROM $17
Jason Yeaman &
Victoria Dawson
Shockwave for Director Hayden CD-ROM $30
John Deep &
Peter Holfelder
Designing Interactive Documents with Adobe Acrobat Pro
(Available May 1996)
Wiley CD-ROM $35
Peter Small Lingo Sorcery
(Available May 1996)
Christmann Acrobat 2.1: Your Personal Consultant Ziff-Davis
Bruce Page &
Donna Holm
Web Publishing with Adobe Acrobat and PDF Wiley CD-ROM $40

Published books can be purchased through the WWWiz Bookstore.

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