The Server and Webmaster Book List (cont.)
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Author Title Publisher Media Price
Leavitt Unix Web Server Administrator O'Reilly
Michael Norton Teach Yourself How to Become a Webmaster in 14 Days
(Available Feb 1997) CD-ROM $40
Robert Mullen &
Richard Mansfield
The Webmaster Set Ventana
Walnut Creek The WebMaster's Toolkit Walnut Creek CD-ROM $40
Kris Jamsa, Ph.D. &
Runnoe Connally
Web Site Construction Kit
(Available Nov 1996)
Jamsa Press CD-ROM $50
?? Windows NT and Web Site Resource Library
(Available Dec 1996)
Sams CD-ROM $150
John Jung Using Jigsaw
(Available Dec96)
Fisher Webmaster's Handbook
(Available Aug 1996)
Barry S. Wadman The Microsoft Merchant System Book
(Available Nov 1996)
Ventana CD-ROM $60
Luke Duncan &
Sean Michaels
Official Netscape ONE Netscape Press CD-ROM $50
Kaveh Bassiri Programming Applications for Netscape Servers
(Available Jan 1997)
?? Microsoft Internet Information Server Training
(Available Nov 1996)
Microsoft Press
Ed Tittel et al. Building Windows NT Web Servers IDG Books
Allen Wyatt Netscape FastTrack Server Prima
Allen Wyatt Internet Information Server Prima
Lincoln D. Stein How To Set Up & Maintain A Web Site, 2nd Ed. Addison-Wesley CD-ROM $40
Jonathan Magid et al. UNIX Web Server Book, 2nd Ed.
(Available Nov 1996)
Ventana CD-ROM $50
McDermott Administering Usenet News Servers
(Available Feb 1997)
Eric Richardson Programming Web Server Applications
(Available Oct 1996)
Prima CD-ROM $40
Scott Zimmerman Microsoft Internet Information Server for Windows NT Unleashed
(Available Sep 1996) CD-ROM $50
?? Inside Internet Information Server
(Available Aug 1996)
New Riders CD-ROM $50
?? Professional NT Internet Information Server Administration
(Available Oct 1996)
Wrox Press
Peter Palmer et al. Cheapskates Guide to Building Web Sites with Windows 95
(Available 1997)
Prentice Hall CD-ROM $40
Peter Palmer et al. Cheapskates Guide to Building Web Sites with Linux
(Available 1997)
Prentice Hall
Robert Dale &
Barbara Opyt
Lotus Notes For Web Workgroups
(Available Jun 1996)
High Mountain Press
Matthew Krowitz Building a Windows NT Internet Server, 2nd Ed. New Riders CD-ROM $40
Kim &
Brad Hampton
Creating Commercial Web Sites CD-ROM $50
Steve Wynkoop Running a Perfect Web Site, 2nd Ed. Que CD-ROM $40
?? Web Site Construction Kit for Windows Nt/95
(Available 1996)
?? Web Server Construction Kit for Macintosh
(Available 1996)
Kaveh Bassiri Programming Netscape Servers
(Available Oct 1996)
Ziff-Davis CD-ROM $45
Paolo Pappalardo Internet Information Server Survival Guide
(Available Aug 1996) CD-ROM $40
Manuel Alberto Ricart Apache Server Survival Guide CD-ROM $55
Linda Brigman Web Site Management Excellence Que
Rick Greenwald Special Edition Using Oracle Web Application Server 3 Que CD-ROM $40
Nancy Cox Building and Managing a Web Services Team
(Available Jan 1997)
Van Nostrand Reinhold
Susan Peck &
Stephen Arrants
Building Your Own WebSite: Everything You Need to Reach Your Audience on the Web
(contains a full working version of WebSite 1.1 software for Windows NT and 95)
(Available Jul 1996)
O'Reilly CD-ROM $59
D. Heib Netscape Commerce Server Prima
Charles Burke How to Build an Internet Service Company Kanti Communications
?? Designing and Implementing Microsoft Internet Information Server
?? Microsoft Windows NT Server One Step At A Time
(Available Mar 1996)
Microsoft Press
Naba Barkakati Unix Webmaster Bible IDG Books
John Fisher The Webmasters Handbook Prima
Richard Raucci Web Browsers For Windows NT
(Available Sep 1996)
Lipschutz Mastering Netscape SuiteSpot Servers
(Available Oct 1996)
Robert P. Lipschutz &
John Garris
Mastering Netscape FastTrack Servers Sybex
?? PC Week Implementing Microsoft Internet Information Server
(Available Sep 1996)
Ziff-Davis CD-ROM $50
?? Microsoft Internet Architecture Unleashed
(Available Aug 1996) CD-ROM $60
Mark J. Kapczynski Special Edition Using the Microsoft Internet Information Server Que CD-ROM $50
Brian Behlandorf Running A Perfect Web Site with Apache Que CD-ROM $50
Mark Surfas &
David Chandler
Running a Perfect Web Site with Windows NT
(See the author's book site also.)
Que CD-ROM $50
Peter Palmer &
Adam Schneider
Web Server Handbook
(Also look at the author's book site.)
Prentice Hall CD-ROM $40
Tom Sheldon The Windows NT Web Server Handbook McGraw-Hill
James Townsend Web Development with Microsoft Resources CD-ROM $50
Andrew Ford &
Tim Dixon
Spinning the Web, 2nd Ed.
(Available May 1996)
Int'l Thomson
Edwin E. Mier et al. Web Servers: When You Decide to Buy: Analysing and Selecting Web Servers Mier Communications
Peter Dyson Mastering Microsoft Internet Information Server Sybex
Sanjaya Hettihewa Web Site Developer's Guide to Windows NT
(Available Jun 1996) CD-ROM ??
Jim Buyens Building Net Sites with Windows NT: An Internet Services Handbook Addison-Wesley CD-ROM $40
Jeff Wandling &
Mike Morgan
Webmaster Expert Solutions
(Available Jan 1996)
Que CD-ROM $60
Michael Sullivan-Trainor Webmaster Strategies IDG Books
Nancy Yeager &
Robert E. McGrath
Web Server Technology: Advanced Guide Morgan Kaufmann
Louis Khan &
Laura Logan
Build Your Own Website Microsoft Press CD-ROM $40
Buskirk Web Server Construction Kit for Macintosh Hayden
Tammy Lowe Weaving the Internal Corporate Web
(Available 2nd Quarter 1996)
Cynthia Chin-Lee &
Web Server Handbook Oracle CD-ROM $40
?? Building an Internal Netscape Web Site
(Available Apr 1996)
New Riders
Chris Brown &
Scott Zimmerman
Web Site Construction Kit for Windows 95 CD-ROM $50
Mark Swank &
Drew Kittel
World Wide Web Database Developers Guide CD-ROM $60
Yuval Fisher Spinning the Web: Serving Information on the World Wide Web
(See also the author's Web site.)
Jeff Bankston Building and Maintaining an NT Web Server Coriolis CD-ROM $40
Greg Bean Internet Server Construction Kit for Windows Wiley CD-ROM $40
Sherry Piontek &
Kristen L. Garlock
Building the Service-Based Library Web Site: A Step-By-Step Guide to Design and Options
(Available Jan 1996)
Carl Steadman &
Jason Snell
Providing Internet Services via the Macintosh
(Available Mar 1996)
Addison-Wesley CD-ROM $35
Peter Harrison Complete Internet Server Kit
(Available Feb 1996)
Sybex CD-ROM $30
George Eckel &
Chris Hare
Building a Linux Internet Server New Riders CD-ROM $40
George Eckel Building a Unix Internet Server New Riders CD-ROM $38
Eric Harper et al. Building a Windows NT Internet Server New Riders CD-ROM $32
?? Windows NT Web Server Secrets
(Available Feb 1996)
IDG Books CD-ROM $35
Mel Beckman MacWorld Web Server Consultant
(Available Feb 1996)
IDG Books
David Gerwitz The Mac Web Server Book: Tools and Techniques...
(Available May 1996)
Larry Budnick The Windows NT Web Server Book
(Available Mar 1996)
Ventana CD-ROM $50
Eric Lease Morgan Teaching a New Dog Old Tricks
(Mac-based WWW Starter Kit with Server)
Online only Online ??
Susan Peck &
Linda Mui
Website: Everything You Need to Know...
(A complete Website kit for Windows NT 3.5)
O'Reilly CD-ROM $500
net.Genesis Build a World Wide Web Commerce Center
(Available Jun 1996)
Jerry Ablan Web Site Administrator's Survival Guide CD-ROM $50
Chris Brown &
Scott Zimmerman
Web Site Construction Kit for Windows NT CD-ROM ??
Jeff Rowe Building Internet Database Servers with CGI New Riders CD-ROM $45
Leon Salvail et al. Webmaster's Guide to Internet Connectivity New Riders
Mary Bennion &
Geoff Galitz
Configuring and Troubleshooting Your Web Server: Unix Edition
(Available Jan 1996)
Prentice Hall CD-ROM $40
Debra Morrison IBM's Official Guide to Building a Better Web Site IDG Books Disk $30
Jon Weiderspan &
Chuck Shotton
Planning & Managing Web Sites on the Macintosh Addison-Wesley CD-ROM $40
Charles Deemer Secrets of the Webmasters
(Available Spring 1996)
Resolution Bus. Press
Dennis Woo &
Ray Cole
Webmaster: An Introduction to Electronic Publishing on the Global Internet
(Available Dec 1997)
Maggie Wells &
Rob Rustad
Setting Up a Web Site
(Available Dec 1995)
Dee Ann LeBlanc Running a Perfect Internet Site with Linux Que CD-ROM $50
Bill Kirkner Running a Perfect Netscape Site Que CD-ROM $50
Bob LeVitus &
Jeff Evans
WebMaster Windows AP PROFESSIONAL CD-ROM $30
Bob LeVitus &
Jeff Evans
WebMaster Macintosh AP PROFESSIONAL CD-ROM $30
Lincoln D. Stein How to Set Up and Maintain a World Wide Web Site Addison-Wesley
Jonathan Magid et al. The Web Server Book Ventana CD-ROM $50
Andrew Ford Spinning the Web Int'l Thomson
net.Genesis &
Devra Hall
Build a Web Site Prima
Robert Jon Mudry Serving the Web Coriolis CD-ROM $40
David Chandler Running a Perfect Web Site Que CD-ROM $40

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