The International Thomson Book List (cont.)
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Author Title Publisher Media Price
Peter Aitken Guide de JavaScript et VBScript
Int'l Thomson CD-ROM 298 FF
VTC VTC Training CD: Webmaster (HTML) Delmar Publishers CD-ROM $50
Liora Altschuller SGML Van Nostrand Reinhold
Eugene Marlow Web Visions: An Inside Look at Successful Business Strategies On the Net Van Nostrand Reinhold
Richard J. Gascoyne Corporate Internet Planning Guide Van Nostrand Reinhold
Jeffrey Spivak The SGML Primer Course Technology
Gary B. Shelly et al. Netscape Navigator Gold Version 3: Creating Web Pages Course Technology
Hammergren Data Warehousing On Internet
(Available Dec 1996)
Int'l Thomson
Phil James L'Officiel de Netscape Navigator 2.0
Int'l Thomson CD-ROM 298 FF
Brent Heslop &
Larry Budnick
Publier sur le Web
Int'l Thomson CD-ROM 298 FF
Jonathan Magid et al. Serveurs Web
Int'l Thomson CD-ROM 320 FF
Christian Neuss &
Johan Vromans
Applications CGI en Perl pour les Webmasters
Int'l Thomson CD-ROM 198 FF
Kris Jamsa, Ph.D. &
Ken Cope
Programmation Internet en C et C++
Int'l Thomson Disk 265 FF
Barrie Sosinsky &
Elizabeth Parker
Acrobat: Guide de L'Utilisateur
Int'l Thomson
198 FF
Amit Maitra &
Amit K. Maitra
Building a Corporate Internet Strategy Van Nostrand Reinhold
Donald Barker &
Chia-Ling Barker
Publishing on the Web Featuring Netscape Navigator Gold 3 Software - Illustrated Brief Edition Course Technology
Patrick Carey New Perspectives on Creating Web Pages with Netscape Navigator Gold Software - Brief Course Technology
?? Creating Pages for the World Wide Web: Dynamic Solutions Delmar Publishers
Barksdale &
HTML Activities: Webtop Publishing on the Superhighway
(Available 1997)
Educational Publishing

Elizabeth Eisner Reding HTML - Illustrated Brief Edition Course Technology
Nancy Cox Building and Managing a Web Services Team
(Available Jan 1997)
Van Nostrand Reinhold
Ed Tittel HTML für Dummies
Int'l Thomson CD-ROM 50 DM
James E. Powell HTML Plus!
(See also the author's Web site)
(Available Aug 1996)
Integrated Media Group
Ed Ashley &
Beth Epperson
Developing Applications with Sybase SQL Server and the World-Wide Web
(Available 1996)
Int'l Thomson
Patrick Carey New Perspectives on HTML - Brief
(Available 1996)
Course Technology
Andrew Ford &
Tim Dixon
Spinning the Web, 2nd Ed.
(Available May 1996)
Int'l Thomson
Liora Alschuler ABCD...SGML: A User's Guide to Structured Information Int'l Thomson Disk $40
Christian Neuss &
Johan Vromans
The Webmaster's Handbook: Perl Power for Your Web Server Int'l Thomson CD-ROM $30
David Harvey-George Go Web! Dynamic Internet Publishing on the PC Platform Int'l Thomson CD-ROM $40
Andrew Ford Spinning the Web Int'l Thomson
Peter Flynn The WorldWideWeb Handbook Int'l Thomson

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