The VRML Book List (cont.)
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Author Title Publisher Media Price
Francis Hamit Virtual Reality and the Exploration of Cyberspace Sams
Kris Jamsa, Ph.D. et al. VRML Programmer's Library Jamsa Press CD-ROM $50
Chris Marrin &
Bruce Campbell
Teach Yourself VRML 2 In 21 Days CD-ROM $40
Mark Pesce Learning VRML 2.0
(Available Dec 1996)
New Riders CD-ROM $40
Neill Virtual Reality Guide To Internet
(Available Nov 1996)
National Book Network
Radiance Software EZ3D VRML Author V-2.0 for UNIX
(Available 1996)
Radiance Software
Radiance Software Ez3D VRML Author V-2.0 for PC
(Available 1996)
Radiance Software
Gurminder Singh et al. Virtual Reality Software & Technology
(Conference Proceedings)
World Scientific Publishing
?? Virtual Reality: Strategies for Intranet and World Wide Web Applications Computer Technology

Ellen Adams &
Don Doherty
Moving Worlds Prima
Keith Rule 3D Graphics File Formats: A Programmers Reference Addison-Wesley CD-ROM $40
David Smith et al. Virtus VRML Starter Kit
(Available 1996)
Mark Pesce VRML 2.0: The Next Step In Cyberspace
(Available Sep 1996)
New Riders CD-ROM $40
Rory O'Neill &
Eden Muir
Creating 3D Worlds for the Web Wiley
Andrea L. Ames et al. The VRML 2.0 Sourcebook, 2nd Ed.
(Visit the companion Web site also.)
Wiley CD-ROM $50
Hollands Virtual Reality Homebrewer's Handbook
(Available May 1996)
Nick Witthaus Active VRML
(Out of Print)
Prima CD-ROM $35
Sebastion Hassinger et al. Building VRML Worlds Osborne CD-ROM $40
Ellen Adams VRML Developer's Toolkit
(Available Feb 1997)
Laura Lemay Laura Lemay's Web Workshop on VRML 2.0 & 3-D Graphics
?? WebFX World Safari
(Available Jul 1996)
Ed Dille Exploring Moving Worlds: Mapping the 3d World Wide Web Ventana
Walter Goralski et al. VRML: Exploring Virtual Worlds on the Internet Prentice Hall CD-ROM $40
Rich Sherwin Instant VRML Worlds Ziff-Davis
Teresa Fiske VRML Power Publishing with Caligari Fountain
(Available Jul 1996)
Ventana CD-ROM $50
John R. Vacca VRML: Bringing Virtual Reality to the Internet
(Available May 1996)
Andrew Busey VR Internet Unleashed CD-ROM $35
Jeff Sonstein Advanced VRML Techniques
(Available Jun 1996)
New Riders CD-ROM $50
Clay Graham PC Magazine Programming VRML
(Available Jul 1996)
Ziff-Davis CD-ROM $60
Sandra K. Helsel Cruisin' the VR World
(Available Winter 1996)
IDG Books
Jed Hartman &
Josie Wernecke
The VRML 2.0 Handbook Addison-Wesley
David Fox &
Phillip Shaddock
Web Publisher's Construction Kit with VRML/Live3D Waite CD-ROM $40
Que Creating Your Own VRML Web Pages
(Available Feb 1996)
Que CD-ROM $30
Que Using VRML
(Available Jul 1996)
David Kay &
Douglas Muder
VRML & 3D on the Web for Dummies IDG Books CD-ROM $30
Mark Pesce VRML Flying Through the Web New Riders CD-ROM $35
David Smith et al. Virtus VRML Toolkit
(Macintosh Edition)
(Available Dec 1995)
Hayden CD-ROM ??
David Smith et al. Virtus VRML Toolkit Hayden CD-ROM $40
Paul M. &
Mary J. Summitt
Creating Cool 3D Web Worlds with VRML IDG Books CD-ROM $35
Tim Wegner VRML EXplorer
(Available May 1996)
Coriolis CD-ROM $40
Stephen Matsuba &
Bernie Roehl
Special Edition Using VRML Que
Andrea L. Ames et al. The VRML Sourcebook Wiley
Kathryn Best The Idiot's Guide to Virtual World Design Little Star Press
S. Hassinger &
Mike Erwin
The Official Internet World 60 Minute Guide to VRML IDG Books
Mark Pesce VRML-Browsing & Building Cyberspace New Riders CD-ROM $40

Published books can be purchased through the WWWiz Bookstore.

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