The Waite Group Press Book List (cont.)
(Published books can be purchased through the WWWiz Bookstore.)
Author Title Publisher Media Price
David Kerven HTML 3.2 Plus How To Waite CD-ROM $50
David Fox &
Troy Downing
Web Publisher's Construction Kit with HTML 3.2 Waite CD-ROM $45
Arman Danesh JavaScript Interactive Course Waite CD-ROM $40
Noel Jerke et al. VBScript Interactive Course Waite CD-ROM $50
Gary L. Allman et al. FrontPage 97 Web Designer's Guide Waite CD-ROM $40
Johnathan Angel Web Publisher's Construction Kit with Netscape Plug-Ins Waite CD-ROM $40
Gunnit Khurana &
Balbir Khurana
Web Database Construction Kit Waite CD-ROM $50
George Pickering et al. JavaScript How-To Waite CD-ROM $45
Mohammed J. Kabir CGI Primer Plus for Windows Waite CD-ROM $45
Gabriel Torok et al. JavaScript Primer Plus Waite CD-ROM $40
Piroz Mohseni Web Database Primer Plus Waite CD-ROM $50
Stephen Asbury et al. CGI How-To Waite CD-ROM $40
David Fox &
Phillip Shaddock
Web Publisher's Construction Kit with VRML/Live3D Waite CD-ROM $40
Jon Orwant Perl 5 Interactive Course Waite CD-ROM $50
Aidan Humphreys et al. Perl 5 How-To Waite CD-ROM $45
David Kerven et al. HTML 3 How-To Waite CD-ROM $40
Kent Cearley HTML 3 Interactive Course Waite CD-ROM $40
David Fox &
Troy Downing
HTML Web Publisher's Construction Kit Waite CD-ROM $37

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