The CGI and Perl Book List
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Author Title Publisher Media Price
Eric Foster-Johnson Perl Modules
(Available Feb 1998)
M&T Books

Rafe Colburn Teach Yourself CGI Programming in a Week, 3rd Ed.
(Available Jan 1998)
Jon Orwant Perl 5 Interactive Course, Certified Edition
(Available Nov 1997)
Ed Peschko &
Michele DeWolfe
Perl 5 Complete
(Available Nov 1997)
McGraw-Hill CD-ROM $50
Vicki Brown &
Chris Nandor
MacPerl: Programming for the Rest of Us Prime Time Freeware CD-ROM $50
Walnut Creek Perl (September 1997)
(Based on CPAN, the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network)
Walnut Creek CD-ROM $40
Jeffrey E. F. Friedl Mastering Regular Expressions: Powerful Techniques for Perl and Other Tools O'Reilly
Ofer Laor CGI Programming with Visual Basic 5
(Available Oct 1997)
Ellie Quigley Perl by Example, 2nd Ed. Prentice Hall CD-ROM $40
Reuven Lerner CGI Programming Interactive Course Waite CD-ROM ??
?? Perl Universal CD-ROM CD-ROM $37
Stephen Spainhour &
Nathan Patwardhan
Perl in a Nutshell O'Reilly
Dick Hardt et al. Perl Resource Kit - NT Edition
(Available 1st Qtr. 1998)
O'Reilly CD-ROM ??
R. Allen Wyke &
Luke Duncan
Perl 5 Programmer's Reference Ventana CD-ROM $40
Stephen Asbury Perl 5 How-To, 2nd Ed. Waite CD-ROM $50
Murali K. Shastri Advanced Topics In Perl
(Available Dec 1997)
Prentice Hall
Alex Kluge &
David Cook
Advanced CGI Programming Techniques
(Available Dec 1997)
Wordware Publishing
Larry Wall et al. Perl Resource Kit - UNIX Edition
(Contains 4 books and CD-ROM)
(Available Nov 1997)
O'Reilly CD-ROM $150
Various Web Developer's Library on the Web O'Reilly CD-ROM $60
Sriram Srinivasan Advanced Perl Programming O'Reilly
Strom CGI/Perl: No Experience Required
(Available Oct 1997)
Nigel Chapman Perl: The Programmer Companion
(Available Oct 1997)
Randal L. Schwartz et al. Learning Perl on Win32 Systems O'Reilly
Michael McMillan Perl from the Ground Up Osborne
Mick Farmer The Road to Perl
(Available Jun 1997)
Int'l Thomson
Walnut Creek Perl (May 1997)
(Based on CPAN, the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network)
Walnut Creek CD-ROM $40
Naba Barkakati Discover Perl 5 IDG Books
Gunther Birznieks &
Selena Sol
CGI For Commerce MIS:Press/
M&T Books
CD-ROM $40
Randal L. Schwartz &
Tom Christiansen
Learning Perl, 2nd Ed. O'Reilly
David Till Teach Yourself Perl in 21 Days, Professional Reference Edition
(Available May 1997)
David Till &
Tony Zhang
Teach Yourself Perl 5 for Windows NT in 21 Days Sams
William E. Weinman Applied Perl: Internet Programming with Perl
(Available Apr 1997)
New Riders none $50
Jeffrey Dwight &
Robert Niles
Special Edition Using CGI, 2nd Ed. Que
Shishir Gundavaram CGI Programming on the World Wide Web: On-the-Spot Information (Japanese translation)
5200 ¥
Johan Vromans Perl 5 Desktop Reference (Japanese translation)
970 ¥
Joseph Hall &
Randal L. Schwartz
Effective Perl Programming: 60 Methods and Rules for Scripting Better Programs
(Available Dec 1997)
Jon Orwant Perl Developer's Toolkit
(Available Jan 1997)
Advice Press
Jon Orwant Perl Developer's Toolkit
(Available Dec 1996)
Advice Press CD-ROM ??

Published books can be purchased through the WWWiz Bookstore.

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