The Plug-ins Book List
(Published books can be purchased through the WWWiz Bookstore.)
Author Title Publisher Media Price
Jose Alvear Web Guide to Streaming Multimedia
(Available Mar 1998)
Ryan Melcher &
Jeff Patterson
Audio on the Web: The Official IUMA Guide
(Jan 1998)
Peachpit Press
Greg Harvey Shockwave for Dummies, 2nd Ed. IDG Books CD-ROM $25
Ed Dille Official Enhanced CU-SeeMe Video Conferencing Book Ventana CD-ROM $30
Gary David Bouton Official Multimedia Publishing for Netscape Netscape Press CD-ROM $50
Shannon R. Turlington Official Netscape Plug-In Book, 2nd Ed. Netscape Press CD-ROM $40
David Lawrence Creating Cool Web Sound
(Available Feb 1997)
IDG Books
Jason Roberts Director 6 Demystified: The Official Guide to Director, Lingo, and Shockwave
(Available Sep 1997)
Macromedia Press CD-ROM $45
Jan Ozer Publishing Digital Video, 2nd Ed. AP PROFESSIONAL
Matthew Cave Advanced Techniques For Shockwave Developers
(Available Sep 1997)
Wiley CD-ROM $35
Lee Purcell &
Jordan Hemphill
Internet Audio Sourcebook Wiley CD-ROM $45
Roy Campbell &
See-Mong Tan
Streaming Video, Audio, & Data Transport
(Available Nov 1997)
M&T Books
CD-ROM $50
Thomas Dolby Robertson Thomas Dolby's Guide to Web Site Sound Design Ziff-Davis CD-ROM $35
?? Classroom in a Book -- Adobe Acrobat 3.0 Adobe Press CD-ROM $40
Reese 3D Studio Max Plug-ins Guide
(Available May 1997)
?? Late Night Programming Internet with Plug-ins
(Available May 1997)
Darrel Plant &
Comprehensive Guide to Shockwave for Director Ventana
Ted M. Gurley &
W.T. Pfefferle
Plug In: The Guide to Music on the Net
(Available Apr 1997)
Prentice Hall CD-ROM $30
Dennis Hamilton et al. Macromedia Web Publishing Unleashed CD-ROM $50

Published books can be purchased through the WWWiz Bookstore.

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