The VRML Book List
(Published books can be purchased through the WWWiz Bookstore.)
Author Title Publisher Media Price
?? VR Resource Directory Virtual Reality Publishing
?? VR InfoMania! Virtual Reality Publishing
Michael Todd Peterson 3D Studio Max 2 Fundamentals New Riders
Sue Ki Wilcox Web Guide to 3D Avatars
(Available Jun 1998)
Rory O’Neill &
Eden Muir
Web Guide to Creating 3D Worlds
(Available Mar 1998)
William J. Schroeder et al. The Visualization Toolkit, 2nd Ed.
(Available Nov 1997)
Prentice Hall CD-ROM $60
Mary Anne Moser &
Douglas MacLeod, Eds.
Immersed in Technology: Art and Virtual Environments
(Available Oct 1997)
MIT Press
Andrew Reese Enhanced 3D Studio Max Release 2
(Available Nov 1997)
Ventana CD-ROM $40
Jon A. Bell 3D Studio Max Release 2 f/x
(Available Dec 1997)
Ventana CD-ROM $50
Clark Dodsworth Jr. Digital Illusion: Entertaining the Future with High Technology Addison-Wesley
Sanford Kennedy et al. Inside 3D Studio MAX Volumes & III, Limited Edition New Riders CD-ROM $100
Michele Bousquet et al. 3D Studio MAX: Tutorials from the Masters
(Available Dec 1997)
Autodesk Press
Rae Earnshaw &
John Vince
The Internet in 3D: Information, Images, and Interaction AP PROFESSIONAL
Andrew Clayton &
Nancy Fulton
3-D Studio Max Applied Advanstar CD-ROM $45
Sanford Kennedy et al. Inside 3D Studio MAX Volume III: Animation New Riders
Dave Espinosa-Aguilar et al. Inside 3D Studio MAX Volume II: Advanced Modeling and Materials New Riders
Steven Elliott &
Phillip Miller
Inside 3D Studio Max Volume I New Riders
Michael Todd Peterson 3D Studio Max Fundamentals New Riders
John R. Vacca VRML, Bringing Virtual Reality to the Internet AP PROFESSIONAL CD-ROM $25
Mark Pesce VRML 2.0 the Next Step in Cyberspace
(Available Sep 1997)
New Riders CD-ROM $40
David Kay &
Doug Muder
VRML and 3D on the Web for Dummies, 2nd Ed.
(Available Sep 1997)
IDG Books CD-ROM $25
Various MAX Out with 3D Studio (Slip Case)
(Available Dec 1996)
Coriolis 2 CD-ROMs $70
Anthony Pott et al. 3D Studio MAX Design Guide
(Available Jul 1997)
Coriolis CD-ROM $40
Stephanie Reese 3D Studio MAX Clay Sculpture, Digitizing, & Motion Capture
(Available Sep 1997)
Coriolis CD-ROM $50
Karla Shelton &
Todd McNeeley
Virtual Communities Companion Coriolis CD-ROM $30
Bruce Damer Avatars! Exploring and Building Virtual Worlds on the Internet
(Available Jul 1997)
Peachpit Press CD-ROM $35
John R. Vacca VRML Clearly Explained, 2nd Ed.
(Available June 1997)
Rikk Carey &
Gavin Bell
The Annotated VRML 2.0 Reference
(This entire book is also available online.)
Addison-Wesley CD-ROM $40

Published books can be purchased through the WWWiz Bookstore.

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