The Ziff-Davis Press Book List
(Published books can be purchased through the WWWiz Bookstore.)
Author Title Publisher Media Price
Rebecca Tapley How to Use Netscape Communicator 4 Ziff-Davis
?? Netscape Communicator First Steps
(Available Jan 1997)
Thomas Dolby Robertson Thomas Dolby's Guide to Web Site Sound Design Ziff-Davis CD-ROM $35
Beetley Web Server Technologies
(Available Aug 1997)
Michael Powers How To Program a Virtual Community Ziff-Davis CD-ROM $40
Robert McDaniel How To Program Microsoft Visual Basic 2.0 Scripting Edition Ziff-Davis CD-ROM $40
Philip Greenspun Philip Greenspun's Database Backed Web Sites: The Thinking Person's Guide to Web Publishing Ziff-Davis
Mark Bell et al. The Official BBEdit Book
(Available Apr 1997)
Ziff-Davis CD-ROM $40
?? Late Night Programming Internet with Plug-ins
(Available May 1997)
Larry Aronson &
Joseph Lowery
HTML 3.2 Manual of Style Ziff-Davis CD-ROM $30
Cheryl Kirk PC Week Getting Started with Netscape FastTrack Server
(Available Mar 1997)
Ziff-Davis CD-ROM $45
Bob Algie How To Use Activate Your Web Site
(Available Mar 1997)
Richard Raucci One-A-Day Web Page Wake-Ups Ziff-Davis
Dan Appleman Dan Appleman's Developing ActiveX Components with Visual Basic 5.0 Ziff-Davis CD-ROM ??

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