The 2008 Reunion is over but if you missed it you can still enjoy the images

Photo by Don Hamilton

The cooks. If it was gun powder it wouldn’t bother his eyes. His twin sister is just fine with barbecue smoke. Richard prefers Marine Corps.standard issue smokeless powder.

Don Hamilton and family surf photo

Don Hamilton with orange board, Don Bennett with white.

The surfers about to get wet.

And if you have seen shark week on TV you know that sharks are attracted to Yellow. Just looking out for you David.

Don Hamilton (uncle cool; aka the old guy) riding a wave.

Don Hamilton surfing the third wave
Don Hamilton walking into water

Steve Kouns on the far right giving last minuet instructions, to Bekki’s David and Don Bennett, on how to get through the surf to the outside. Don Hamilton has orange board.

By Don Hamilton

Don Hamilton

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