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An impressive account, January 17, 2004


Reviewer: Lee from Port Richey, FL United States

All the more impressive because the author is not a polished writer. He merely recounts the most astounding events as if he just happened to be taking a walk.

This book brought me to tears, when I realized what our soldiers went through. He talks about beatings and bombings and life in Japanese POW camps, and it sounds like you are there. Somehow all the documentaries I've seen and all the books I read never made me understand what it was REALLY like.

I highly recommend this book as a first person account for anyone who wants to know the truth about being a POW in Japan, and the Bataan Death March. --This text refers to the Hardcover edition

Personal view of the war, August 24, 2002


Reviewer: A reader from California

I started this book with the thought that it needed an editor. I ended the book with the thought that this book was one of the best books I have read in years. It is a very personal view of a young man from a small rural world dumped into big time history as it happened. He is thrilled and scared and constantly in the present of the war itself. You feel for the teen age kid as he reels through the events like a pinball in a pinball machine. He jumps in sometimes and other times just rolls with the punches. His descriptions are weak (not a writer) but real and gripping.


By Don Hamilton

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