Build Your Web By Building Circles of Influence

Right now the target audience for your Web site is meeting online. They meet in newsgroups or mailing lists to discuss their special interests, business, or whatever topics they choose. They are visiting other Web sites to find information, looking for links, for the paths to the best Web sites. The audience is searching for you. What are you doing to help them find you?

Future Shock

I broke out in a cold sweat, literally frightened about what I didn't know. It was 1977. I was in an airplane on a business trip, flipping through the airline magazine, when...

Take the Three Rs, String and Baling Wire...

When it comes to knowledge, what we buy is a collection of many disconnected facts and ideas which should carry a prominent label: "Assembly required." Students are expected to take the lessons learned in school and apply them outside of school, just as a farmer might buy at a store seeds to sow in the fields so that eventually the crops will grow. In an information economy, this idea is just plain stupid...


Come on, people. What's the matter with you? Do you think we're stupid? Of course we know your page is under construction. If it wasn't, then the Web would be a p-r-e-t-t-y boring place now, wouldn't it?

Rock 'n' Roll, Defenestration and the Land Down Under

This month's music on the web feature lets you hip-hop across the country at the greatest music sites.. beginning in WWWiz's own backyard, HOLLYWOOD!

Web for UNIX-Heads

TIA may be the hottest thing going for those of you who are used to GREPping your way around a computer. This three-step approach to getting you up and running on the Internet with a UNIX machine may be just what the .DOCtor ordered...

"But Mom, All the Kids Are Doing It!"

Reading, writing and arithmetic...and the Web? You bet! The kids and teachers at Kaiser Elementary School in Costa Mesa have gone beyond the three Rs. They're learning to use the Web to research topics and learn about the world. In fact, the kids are even dissecting frogs on the Web!

How To Pick a Provider

I was in a computer store the other day when I overheard a woman ask the clerk, "How do I get on the Internet?" There are so many trade-offs between the likes of cost, speed, bandwidth, growth and future needs. So how do you decide?

Footprints in Cyberspace

One of the most formidable aspects of the World Wide Web is the vast amount of available information dispersed throughout the world. Looking for useful or interesting information can be very challenging—more an art than a science.

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