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Network Intensive

Network Intensive, a division of Compute Intensive, Inc. was established in response to the need for quality Internet Services. With a focus on business connections, Network Intensive specializes in providing Internet solutions designed to provide an Internet environment that is productive, reliable and secure.

Network Intensive: 1.800.273.5600

Earthlink Network

EarthLink Network, Inc. is an Internet service provider in the Los Angeles, California, USA. We provide inexpensive dial-up SLIP/PPP access to the Internet as well as high-speed dedicated access, World Wide Web services, and more. EarthLink specializes in providing excellent service and technical support to individuals and companies in the Southern California area.

Winformation Software, Inc.

Winformation Software, Inc. markets Appeal, a Windows-based Database Management system utilizing Winformation's revolutionary AutoRelational technology which combines the power of Relationality with unprecedented ease-of-use. Appeal features a Natural Language Interface, multimedia datatypes, seamless Client/Server capability and a full applications development environment.

Phone: 714.362.0772; Email:

SpeedGate - Your Gateway to the Internet

SpeedGate is a full-service Internet provider. We offer a full range of connections to the Internet, from shell access all the way up to a dedicated T-1 connection. All the modems we use for our dial-up accounts are digital 28.8 kbps v/34 modems. In addition to Internet access, we also offer a full Web Service. Everything from the design and construction of your Web site to the hosting of your We site on our servers. We provide complete solutions to all your Internet needs.

Maximized Online

Maximized Online makes it easy to establish a Web presence by offering affordable starter plans that include the cost of building, hosting and publicizing your Web site. Get up to speed on doing business on the Net by attending our free weekly seminars. Maximized Online can also provide custom solutions to suit your needs and budget.

Phone: (714) 955-5300; Email: or use our sales request form.


Everything from fishing reports to local media can be found via InfoPages, an online guide to what's on the Web in Orange County and Southern Calfornia.

From the Orange Coast magazine site:

What a great idea, putting this "on-line". I travel to Orange County on business a few times a year and this is really going to help me to plan my off-hours activities. I generally take in as much as possible at the South Coast Rep. and the Performing Arts Center. The last trip I found the Irvine Barclay Theater. Up to now, I just looked for what I could find once I checked into the hotel. But now I can plan in advance---what a concept! Thanks, I'll be a regular online reader.

From the Anaheim Bullfrogs site:

Thank you for putting this site on the WWW. I have been hoping that there would be a place such as this!

From the Orange County Fair site:

Congratulations! It's great fun to visit your fair in cyberspace!

Business Edge, Inc.

Business Edge is Orange County's premier W3 site design company for retailers who need to couple powerful back-end database systems with the absolute best HTML page design. Business Edge's WebBase (TM) technology allows you to make your entire inventory available to customers immediately.

Visit our server to check out sites we have designed. Or send e-mail to us at with information about the goods or services you would like to offer to the Internet shopping community.

Hodge & Hodge Insurance Brokers, Inc.

Hodge & Hodge Insurance Brokers, Inc.
10 Hughes A205
Irvine, CA 92718
714 458-0442
Fax 714 458-2590

We have specialized in AUTO INSURANCE in Orange County for over 35 years. With many companies to choose from we are able to provide the desired coverage for all types of drivers. With Mercury Insurance Group listed by the Department of Insurnace as one of the lowest in California they have become our largest writer.

ADC Designet

ADC Designet is a full service Internet Web page design and connectivity consulting firm. We specialize in designing visually compelling Web sites for businesses and organizations looking to break through the clutter on the Net. We provide complete one stop shopping, from simple Web presence to complete LAN connections, from 14.4 bps to T-3 speeds, CGI, image maps, forms, and firewall security. We design sites for all operating systems; Unix, O/S 2, DOS/Windows/NT, and the Mac. Check out our Web site, e-mail us at, or call us at (800) 733-2320.

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