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New Year's Resolutions:

Turning Over a New Leaf With Help From the Web

by Christine Stoner

Copyright © 1998 Christine Stoner. All rights reserved.

Well it's that time again -- time to make your New Year's resolution! What will it be this year? Maybe you'll lose five pounds, exercise more, or keep in touch with friends and family. I don't know about you, but most years that I've made a resolution I've never stuck to it. The last year I made a resolution was 1996 -- and I resolved to not resolve! (That was an easy one to stick to.) Well, 1999 is going to be different. I'm going to make several resolutions and stick to all of them. After all, this year I have support from the World Wide Web to help me stick to my guns! In my search to find a resolution for 1999, here are some of the fun and informative Web sites I found which you can use to help you turn over a new leaf in 1999.

A good starting place on the Internet if you need help with your 1999 resolutions or, if you want to provide help to others, is the New Year Pages. On this Scottish Web site, you can send electronic New Year cards to friends or family. You can even join the Broons, a Scottish family, at their interactive New Year party or use their special greeting service. If you're feeling nostalgic, check out the "97 That Was" section for major events from 1997. Most importantly, at this site you can put your resolution in print, online, which may very well motivate you to keep it. You can also suggest resolutions for friends and famous. This international Web site is a lot of fun!

Another page where you can declare your intentions online is New Year With Aristotle. After filling out a simple online form, click "resolved" and your resolution is out there for everyone to see. You can browse through other brave onliners' resolutions first if you need some ideas. According to a 1997 study, most people make up to three resolutions, and after two months, 67 percent are still keeping them. Wouldn't you like to be among that 67 percent?

HiAspire! not only gives you a place to write down your resolution but will provide you with a reminder service. You can sign up for the service, which provides a resolution reminder to be sent to you every two weeks throughout the year while listening to traditional New Year's Eve music. This site won't let your good intentions fall by the wayside! As part of the reminder service, you'll receive helpful tips and Internet links which are meant to encourage you to keep your resolution.

Another Web site which provides a reminder service is 1998 New Year's Resolution Repository. Along with online publication of your resolution for the world to see, you'll receive a full-color confirmation certificate suitable for framing, and your resolution will remain online until December 31, 1998, if you need to go back and reference it. This Web site, from StrayerNet Technologies, also publishes "How To Make Your New Year's Resolution a Success," which offers some ideas on successful resolving in 1999.

One resolution site, geared toward women, is Women's Wire. Check out the article that lists some of the keys to success for keeping your resolution this year. One bonus: you can send electronic Hallmark cards from Women's Wire. Best of all, however, this site includes a reminder service, courtesy of Hallmark, to help you remember birthdays, holidays and special events. (I think I just found my New Year's resolution!)

Did the holiday bustle keep you from sending Christmas cards yet again? Why not send a New Year's card? Web sites promoting virtual cards and greetings have been popping up all over. If you want to send New Year's cards electronically, in addition to the two Web sites mentioned above, visit Blue Mountain Cards. These electronic animated greeting cards are a great way to resolve to stay in touch with your friends and family. You can also send cards courtesy of Awesome Cyber Cards. If these don't tickle your fancy, visit Bristo's. This site has recently been updated with additional pictures and sounds, and features some unique choices for sending your virtual greeting. Or how about Webmania? Here you'll find several animated and fun postcards to choose from, as well as additional pages of standard virtual cards.

Feeling a little cranky or apprehensive about the impending new year? How about a good ol' New Year's rant? This quick-to-read rant covers -- what else? -- New Year's resolutions. (There's just no getting away from them!) Another site for some off-the-wall resolutions is Kevin's Politically Correct Jokes. This may be just the thing to put your spirits right again after the holidays.

Well, we've certainly seen a lot of Web sites out there with ideas for New Year's resolutions. The above lists just some of those which are fun to visit, and which can support you in keeping your resolutions this year. I know I'll be putting my resolutions online and signing up for all the reminders I can, so all year long I'll remember what I resolved for 1999.

Happy New Year…and good luck with your resolutions!


Christine Stoner is a freelance writer out of Elverson, PA. She publishes a FREE monthly newsletter, TimeTips, which provides useful tips for saving time at everyday activities and finding more time in your busy schedule.


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