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Romantic Travel Options

by Jennifer McCay

Copyright 1999 Jennifer McCay. All rights reserved.

Regardless of how long a couple has been together, after a time they often start asking themselves questions about the relationship. "How can I be more romantic? Does my lovelife need revving up? How can I keep him/her happy for the duration?" (Try The World of Romance if you're really in doubt.) You're limited only by your imagination when it comes to keeping that certain spark going, but where should you begin? A great way to keep the romance alive and well is to travel to a romantic location.

So where should you go? There are literally hundreds of places that boast romantic travel possibilities, but you have to make some decisions before you plan your trip. First, assess your travel budget. There's no sense in getting excited about a two-week cruise if your budget will accommodate only an inexpensive weekend jaunt. Next, ask yourself the other practical questions. How much time can you afford to be out of town? Can you get someone to look after the kids for the weekend? For a day? For a week? Or should the kids tag along? What do you and the special person in your life like to do? Are you more adventure-oriented, or do you prefer sleeping in, massages and breakfast in bed? Once you make these decisions you're ready to plan your trip, and you can do so from the comfort of your own computer.

If you consider yourself less than gifted when it comes to romantic travel, turn to the Epicurious travel page featuring romantic destinations. Whether you're a newlywed, a long-time spouse, live-in partner, boyfriend or girlfriend, you can benefit from the wisdom in the Bride's magazine advice column on romantic travel. To learn about where other couples are going to get away for a few days, click on "Caribbean for Two," "U.S. & Hawaii for Two," "The World for Two," and "Metropolis for Two." Within each of these categories there's a plethora of choices from which to choose. In the United States and Canada listings (found in the World Travel section), you can find somewhere to go within reasonable driving distance, find an exciting new city or town to visit, or decide on an outdoor adventure. In "The World for Two," one feature details travel abroad that costs $2,000 or less, which is great if you want overseas experiences but don't want to break the bank.

On the Epicurious travel site, you may find enough ideas to fill out that your vacation calendar for the next 20 years or so. In some cases, however, Epicurious' articles on particular locations may not be specific enough for your liking, so you may need to turn to other travel sites online.

Your next to stop should be Greatest Escapes, the online counterpart to a print travel newsletter of the same name. To find romantic sites, click on "Archives & Search" and type in the word "romantic." You'll be surprised to find the variety of results, from the Round Hill Hotel and Villas in Montego Bay, Jamaica, a luxury resort owned by Ralph Lauren that is frequented by the rich and famous, to Seattle's Alexis Hotel, which features special romantic room packages and the John Lennon suite, as well as many other possibilities for your journey of love. If you have already decided where to go, search for the desired location in the archives to get a more well-rounded view of the city.

Romantic America features travel guides that detail many lovely vacation sites around the U.S. You can purchase these guides online, or peek at a sampling of the locales they've deemed romantic. This site is currently under construction, but promises to be well worth the wait.

Another site to consider is European Visits, an online publication that concentrates solely on European destinations. You can read dozens of travel articles to get a better idea of where you would like to head, or search through the archives for special locations. Travel Voyager is also helpful.

The majority of these Web sites feature hotel and resort accommodations, but you have another option. One of the least expensive and most romantic ways to spend time with the love of your life (or even someone you just like a lot) is to stay at a bed and breakfast (B&B). B&Bs generally boast personal attention to details, delicious food, and a more homey feel than the average hotel, and there are B&Bs located around the world, as well as just around the corner in case your time away from home is limited. There are several excellent guides to B&Bs online; you should check more than one before choosing which one to call. Some of the best on the Web include Fodor's Bed and Breakfast Finder on Epicurious, the Romantic Getaways Bed & Breakfast Index, Go Native's On-Line Guide to Bed & Breakfast Inns , and 10,000 Inns, the International Directory for Great Bed & Breakfast Inns.

Do you want to talk to other people online before making the decision about where to take your romantic journey? The Internet Village features a weekly chat session on romantic travel. You can discuss previous travel, request opinions from others who have similar concerns, or simply brainstorm. See the site for the current schedule.

A search for travel on most major search engines should bring up other online travel resources, should you seek more information. If you need to book flights or rental cars, turn to Preview Travel for help.

Once you look at these sites you'll be a lot better off in your pursuit to find a vacation spot that will bring out the spark in your relationship. You can find romance right under your nose, just a drive away, or across an ocean.

Jennifer McCay is an American freelance writer working out of Hamburg, Germany. She is currently finishing an M.A. in English, and can be reached at


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