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What in the World Wide Web Is a Favicon?

 By Kim Skinner (

As an online marketer, no doubt you've spent many hours trying to dream up new ways to get your visitors back to your site, over and over again. After all, we all know that (all together now) it is a proven fact that prospects will have to see your product five to seven times before they'll buy.

There are many ways to accomplish this. A few are:

 * Publish an ezine

* Use follow-up autoresponders

* Put an interesting poll on your page and encourage

  visitors to come back to view the results

* Add new content on a regular basis

* Ask visitors to bookmark your site

 This last example is good, but once a prospect has bookmarked your site, will he really ever come back? I mean, let's be honest. How often have you bookmarked a page, only to have it disappear into a sea of existing bookmarked sites?

          Wouldn't it be great if you could make your site stand out among all of the others in that long ``Favorites" menu? A way to make your site scream, ``VISIT ME!"

          Well, now there is. You can use a ``Favicon." A Favicon is a small icon, which you create, that sits next to your site's title in the Microsoft Internet Explorer favorites menu.

          If you're using MSIE 5, or better, bring up your browser and click on ``Favorites" on your tool bar. Chances are, you'll see a few Favicon's among your bookmarks. And, if you click on one of them, when you're taken to the page, instead of the Microsoft logo next to the URL in the location bar, you'll see that same little icon.

          But wait, it gets even better. If your visitor is so inclined, he can drag your bookmarked site to his desktop or his taskbar. Again, your Favicon will be present.

          Creating your Favicon, and having it appear, takes very little effort. All you need to do is create an icon, exactly 16 x 16 pixels and upload it to your server.


 The easiest thing to do would be to use an icon editor. I used AX-Icons by Axialis. It's shareware, and if you decide to purchase it, it'll set you back $14. This program is extremely easy to use. It took me about 30 minutes to create two Favicons.

          You can also find an online Java icon editor at Once you've created your 16 x 16 icon, save it to your hard drive as ``favicon.ico." Then, simply upload it to your root (main) directory or any other directory that contain pages that your visitors might bookmark.

          That's it. You're done. Now every time a visitor with MSIE 5 or better bookmarks your site, your Favicon will be hanging out, just waiting to entice him to visit your site again and again.

Kim Skinner has been helping others promote their online businesses for more than three years. Visit her site, ``The ZipResponse E-Mail Marketing Center" for tips and tools to increase your profits with email marketing. Sign up for her free email marketing course at



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