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Use the internet faster than you've ever imagined! No waiting to download, always connected.  No dial-up, no busy signals. Frees up your phone. Up to 100 times faster than a 28.8 modem and 15 time faster than ISDN.

Call 800 234-6660

SpeedGate - Your Gateway to the Internet

SpeedGate is a full-service Internet provider. We offer a full range of connections to the Internet, from shell access all the way up to a dedicated T-1 connection. All the modems we use for our dial-up accounts are digital 28.8 kbps v/34 modems. In addition to Internet access, we also offer a full Web Service.  Everything from the design and construction of your Web site to the hosting of your We site on our servers. We provide complete solutions to all your Internet needs.

Dynamic Concepts

Web Hosting and much more!
Full CGI Access
World Class customer support
Premium shopping cart software

We Pay YOU!!!

$50 Sign-up Bonuses, 5% Commission,
Monthly overrides
4.6 Cents a Minute Long Distance
800 NUM @ 4.6 Cents/Min
MCI/WorldCom FREE Recorded Info
TOLL FREE 877 857-6774
Leave Name, address and phone for
FREE Info Packet or
Call me DIRECT 949 361-3820

The Job Dr.

Specializing in software and computer jobs in Southern California
Network, C/C++, Win95/NT, MFC, Internet, AS400, Cobol, VB, SQL and Java


Digital Daze

Go Virtual. Gain Control.
Full internet services


Network Intensive

Network Intensive, a division of Compute Intensive, Inc. was established in response to the need for quality  Internet Services. With a focus on business connections, Network Intensive specializes in providing Internet solutions designed to provide an Internet environment that is productive, reliable and secure.

 Network Intensive: 1.800.273.5600

Sm@rt Soft

Java Training Specialists
Sun Certified Instructors
Private and Public Courses

Contact: Dan Tharp at 714 846-8816

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